Ding Dong Darkness Time

3: Haunting Architecture

March 28, 2022 Allison Dickson Season 1 Episode 3
Ding Dong Darkness Time
3: Haunting Architecture
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Allison and Chris take an expansive journey to some of the human built structures that have haunted their minds.

Beginning in California with the Winchester Mystery House, learn the story of Sarah Winchester, who inherited a large chunk of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company after the death of her husband, and used that fortune to build a sprawling, surreal mansion whose mystifying (and some say mystical) construction continued unabated for nearly forty years.

From there, we jump to the other side of the globe to Pyongyang, North Korea, to visit the  strange towering edifice, the Ryugyong Hotel. Built in the 1980s to attract travelers from around the world, the project quickly fell apart around the same time as the Soviet Union and became instead a beacon of propaganda that continues to this day.

Then it's back to the States for a tour of the infamous Dakota Building in Manhattan, site of the murder of John Lennon as well as a potential nexus for all sorts of cursed events for the  elites that have passed through its Gothic doors.

We then wrap up this rollercoaster ride with an actual roller coaster, the Crystal Beach Cyclone, which promised its riders a thrill unlike any they'd experienced before, and then delivered in the form of vomit, fainting, and in a couple instances -- death.

Additionally, we establish a whole new unit of measurement: The Olive Garden (not a sponsor).


Graphics -- Nathaniel Dickson
Music -- Spencer Morelock

Winchester Mystery House
Ryugyong Hotel
Dakota Building
Crystal Beach Cyclone

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Music -- Spencer Morelock, Ken Dickson

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