Ding Dong Darkness Time

S2E10: Hearts in Atlantis -- The Sixties Never Really Left

July 05, 2022 Allison Dickson Season 2 Episode 10
Ding Dong Darkness Time
S2E10: Hearts in Atlantis -- The Sixties Never Really Left
Show Notes

This week, Allison is joined by author and poet Jaclyn Youhana Garver to discuss one of Stephen King's most under-read books, Hearts in Atlantis. This mosaic of five stories circles around a cast of characters who grew up in the incredibly tumultuous 1960s, and either went off to Vietnam, or joined the protests against it as young adults. The most well-known story from this collection, Low Men in Yellow Coats, was adapted to the big screen in 2005, starring Anthony Hopkins.

With elements of the mundane supernatural thrown into the mix, as well as a potent shot of bitter nostalgia, King's lens on his generation and its effects on the world throughout the decades clear through to today is a fascinating, bold, and heart-rending read. And as many of his works tend to be, it remains incredibly relevant as we face many of the similar challenges. When do we follow along with the status quo? When do we resist? What are the consequences, both inwardly and outwardly, for making those choices?

Also, there's something here for the Dark Tower fans out there...

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