Ding Dong Darkness Time

DDD: Cryonics and Frozen Dead Guy Days

August 17, 2022 Allison Dickson Episode 4
Ding Dong Darkness Time
DDD: Cryonics and Frozen Dead Guy Days
Show Notes

A Norwegian man died in 1989 and his grandson had his cryogenically frozen corpse placed into a shed up in Nederland, Colorado. Hijinks ensued, and today an annual festival called Frozen Dead Guy Days is held to celebrate Grandpa Bredo. Learn about this odd American legend and more about the legitimacy (or lack thereof) of human cryonics. There's also a brief dovetail into death aversion. Will we ever be able to successfully resurrect a frozen corpse? Do we want to? Or would it be better to simply upload our consciousness into a simulation?


Allison covers as many bases as possible in this short episode, but leaves plenty of room for future episodes!

Additional Info:
Cryonics Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryonics
Frozen Dead Guy Days: https://frozendeadguydays.com
Legends of America Frozen Dead Guy Days article: https://www.legendsofamerica.com/co-frozendeadguy/
Crestone End of Life Project: https://informedfinalchoices.org/crestone/about-ceolp/ceolp-history/
Nectome brain and memory preservation website: https://nectome.com/https://nectome.com/

Show Credits:
Graphics -- Nathaniel Dickson: http://ndickson.com
Intro Music -- Spencer Morelock
Background Music -- Ken Dickson

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