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21. Ten Cities, Ten Mysteries -- Part 2 of 2

March 15, 2023 Allison Dickson
Ding Dong Darkness Time
21. Ten Cities, Ten Mysteries -- Part 2 of 2
Show Notes

Allison and Chris round out the shout-out to the show's most popular listener cities by bringing you some pretty heavy hitting mysteries from the Top 5!

In Dallas, we bring the story of a possibly haunted landmark, the Goatman Bridge, with some chilling lore that feels true, even if it might not be.

Next we travel to the Rocky Mountains of Denver, for a tale of gold prospecting and cannibalism. Did Alfred Packer merely eat his fellow campers to survive the elements during a harrowing journey to strike it rich, or were there more sinister actions afoot? The mystery endures to this day, but what do you think?

While pondering that, follow us up to Seattle, where not far outside the city spawned the original modern day sighting of UFOs in 1947, by one Kenneth Arnold. Was it aliens he spied that day zooming above Mount Rainier? We can't be for certain. What we do know is if you want to know the birth place of UFOs as we know them, you need to start a little further north than Roswell, New Mexico.

After that, Allison brings it back home (literally) to Dayton, Ohio, where she discusses the serial killer that once lurked in her backyard in the early 20th century: The Dayton Strangler.

Finally, we end our journey at the infamous Windy City, Chicago, with a case that pits the innocence movement against the criminal justice system. The case of Anthony Porter and Alstory Simon was told in the stunning documentary, "A Murder in the Park" back in 2014, but here Allison breaks down the basics of the case that led to the state of Illinois banning the death penalty, while also bringing a lot of questions to the methods used by all who claim to fight for justice.

Additional Info:

The Goatman Bridge

Alfred Packer Cannibalism

Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting

The Dayton Strangler

Murder in the Park/Alstory Simon/Anthony Porter

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